Insure In Canada

Basic Benefits

Covid-19 coverage
Ambulance Services / Transportation
Emergency Hospitalization
Up to Coverage Amount
Services of a Physician, Surgeon, etc.
Up to Coverage Amount
Emergency Medical Care
Up to Coverage Amount
Walk-in Clinic Visits
Follow Up Treatment
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray
Prescription Medications
Max $500 OR a 30 day Supply
Dental Pain Relief
Max $300
Emergency Dental Repair
Max $4,000
24-hour Emergency Assistance Center
Emergency Home Return / Evacuation
Repatriation of Remains
Max $7,500 Combined with Repatriation of Remains
Cremation / Burial
Max $7500 Combined with Repatriation of Remains
Stable Pre-existing Medical Conditions Coverage
Included, if Selected
Private Duty Nurse / Medical Attendant
Max $5,000
Rental / Purchase of Medical Appliances
Max $5,000
Side-Trips Benefit (with in Canada and outside of Canada)

Enhanced Benefits

Emergency Services of Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, or Podiatrist
Max $1,000 Combined
Accidental Death
Max $25,000
Double Dismembernent
Max $25,000
Single Dismembernent
Max $12,500
Bedside Companion Accommodation / Transportation
Meals and Accommodation / Hospital Allowance / Out-of-pocket Expenses
Maternity Benefits / Delivery Coverage
Pregnancy Complications Coverage
Physical Examination (Non-emergency)
Eye Examination (Non-emergency)
Vaccines (Non-emergency)
Child Care / Escort Expenses
Psychiatric / Psychological
Return of a Vehicle
Sports Injuries Coverage
Not for Hazardous Sports
Flight / Travel Accident
Trip-Break Benefit

You are not eligible for coverage under this policy if:

• You are travelling against the advice of a physician;

• You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than two (2) years to live;

• you have been diagnosed with or received treatment within the last two (2) years for pancreatic, lung, brain, or liver cancer; or any type of cancer that has spread from one part or organ of the body to another (metastatic cancer);

• You have had or are waiting for an organ or bone marrow transplant (excluding corneal transplant);

• You have a kidney condition requiring dialysis;

• You have used home oxygen during the 12 months prior to the date of application; and/or

• You reside in a nursing home, other long-term care or rehabilitation center.

• You are age 86 or older.


*We reserve the right to decline any application.

*One or more persons may be insured under one policy. However, the effective date and expiry date must be identical for all applicants. Each applicant must pay their appropriate individual premium unless family rates apply.

*Be sure to review the waiting period definition to determine if there is any time that you will not be reimbursed for expenses related to any sickness manifesting during that time.

Please click here for the Policy Wording.


Claims must be reported within 30 days of occurrence. Written proof of claim must be submitted within 90 days of Occurrence.

To make a claim, you will need to complete a claim form and submit the following:

a) Policy number;

b) Proof of all travel dates (airline ticket, passport or visa);

c) Original itemized medical bills, receipts and invoices;

d) Proof of payment if you have paid the expense;

e) complete medical and/or hospital records including diagnosis, X-ray, lab or other diagnostic testing results, which confirm that the treatment was medically necessary; and

f) Copy of police report (in the case of a motor vehicle accident);

g) If a claim is made under Accidental Death and Dismemberment, we will need: a) police, autopsy or coroner's report; b) medical records; and c) death certificate, as applicable.

 Attach all documentation requested in the claim form, and send it to:

21st Century Visitors Claims

c/o Active Care Management

P.O. Box 1237, Stn. A

Windsor, ON N9A 6P8 Canada

To enquire about the status of your claim call

1-855-297-4379 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM ET


Click here for the Policy Wording Policy Wording 


· Requests for premium refunds due to non-arrival can be submitted for consideration as long as this insurance has not been issued as part of the requirements necessary to obtain or maintain a visitor visa, in which case proof of visa refusal must be provided.

· You can cancel your insurance and obtain a partial refund of the unused premium amount when you provide proof that you are covered under a government health insurance plan; or with proof of return to your country of origin provided that there has been no claim paid or denied.

· If you are applying for a partial refund and a claim has been paid or denied, you may apply to have such claim(s) withdrawn. The amount of claim(s) paid will be deducted from the refund amount, plus a file handling fee of $300 per claim will also be deducted. A denied claim will be subject to a file handling fee of $500 per claim. The file handling fee and any other adjustments will be deducted from any amount to be refunded.

· Once any claim(s) has (have) been withdrawn to apply for a premium refund, no further expenses will be accepted for consideration under the policy, regardless of the date the expense was incurred.

· Your written request to cancel this policy must be received within 60 days following the date you become eligible for coverage under a government health insurance plan, or you return to your country of origin. In no event will we backdate a cancellation to date more than 60 days before the date of receipt of your cancellation request. If your cancellation request is received more than 30 days following the date you returned to your country of origin, we will require a copy of every page of your passport to verify that you did not visit Canada between the date you returned to your country of origin and the date you submitted your cancellation request. If you leave Canada but spend time in a country covered under the Side-Trips Outside of Canada provision, you must advise 21st Century before exiting Canada if you do not want to be covered in that other country. Failure to notify 21st Century before your exit date may result in the premium being retained to cover all or part of that side trip.

· All refunds are subject to approval by 21st Century. Refunds will be credited to the same credit card used to charge the premium.

· In addition, a $25 policy administration fee will be applied to any refund or cancellation.



Click here for the Policy Wordings Policy Wordings 

We will not reimburse you for insured services or pay an Accidental Death and Dismemberment claim and/or any other expenses directly or indirectly related to:

1. Any pre-existing medical condition:

a) If you are age 55 or older and covered under the Standard rate category;

b) Other than a stable chronic condition if you are under age 55;

c) Other than a stable chronic condition if you are age 55 to 85 and you were eligible to purchase and paid the required premium for the Enhanced Plan.

2. Any sickness, disease or symptom that manifests before or during the waiting period even if related expenses are incurred after the waiting period.

3. Any sickness, disease, symptom, or injury:

I. When you knew, prior to your effective date, that you would need or be required to seek treatment for that medical condition during your trip; and/or

II. For which, prior to your effective date, it was reasonable to expect that you would need treatment during your trip; and/or

III. For which future investigation or treatment was planned prior to your effective date; and/or

IV. Which produced symptoms that would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek treatment in the 180 days prior to the effective date; and/or

V. that had caused a physician to advise you not to travel; and/or

VI. that presented, recurred or was treated during any temporary return to your country of origin during the Coverage Period as is permitted only if you are a holder of a multi-entry PG-1 VISA.

4. Any expenses or benefits if the information provided on your application for insurance is not truthful and accurate or you did not meet the eligibility requirements.

5. Cardiac Catheterization, angioplasty and/or cardiovascular surgery including any associated diagnostic test(s) including but not limited to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms, ultrasounds or biopsies, or charges unless approved by the Assistance Centre prior to being performed, except in extreme circumstances where such test or procedures are performed on an emergency basis immediately upon admission to a hospital.

6. Self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide; a criminal act or an attempt to commit a criminal act.

7. Any sickness, injury or death related to your intoxication, the misuse, abuse, overdose, or chemical dependence on medication, drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants.

8. An emergency resulting from mountain climbing requiring the use of specialized equipment, including carabiners, crampons, pickaxes, anchors, bolts and lead rope or top-rope anchoring equipment to ascend or descend a mountain; rock climbing; parachuting, skydiving, hang-gliding or using any other air-supported sporting device; participating in a motorized speed contest; or your professional participation in a sport, snorkelling or scuba-diving when that sport, snorkelling or scuba-diving, is your principal paid occupation.

9. Any pregnancy that commences prior to the effective date of this policy; your routine prenatal care; your routine pregnancy or childbirth; complications of your pregnancy or childbirth when they happen in the 9 weeks before or after the expected date of delivery; medical treatment or services provided to your child born during your Coverage Period.

10. The provision of insured services to children 30 days of age or younger.

11. An act of war or an act of terrorism when you are outside of Canada and covered under this insurance.

12. Any treatment that is elective, cosmetic and not for an emergency and/or general health examinations or services.

13. A continuation of treatment or service first recommended or prescribed by a physician or healthcare practitioner before the effective date of this policy or where such insured services were first initiated before the effective date of this policy or during the waiting period, or for holders of a valid multiple-entry visa issued by the government of Canada, during a return to your country of origin during the Coverage Period.

14. Prescription drugs or medicines, treatment, appliances or devices provided to monitor or maintain a stable chronic condition.

15. Your medical or health assessment or any form of report or document supporting an application to obtain an immigrant status or extend your visa in Canada or any recommended treatment resulting from such health assessment.

16. Any medical treatment or follow-up visit outside of Canada when the emergency occurred in Canada.

17. Any loss resulting from your minor mental or emotional disorder.

18. Any emergency that occurs or recurs after our medical advisors recommend that you return to your country of origin and you choose not to.

19. The ongoing treatment, recurrence or complication of a medical condition when you have already received emergency treatment for that condition during your Coverage Period and our Assistance Centre determines that your medical emergency has ended.

20. any medical condition you suffer or contract in a specific country, region or city outside of Canada, while covered under the "Side-Trips Outside of Canada" provision or while on an uninterrupted flight to or from Canada if a government of Canada Travel Advisory, issued before you travel to that location, advises against all or nonessential travel to that specific country, region or city. In this exclusion, a medical condition is limited, related or due to the reason for the Travel Advisory.

21. Any medical treatment for which you are eligible and/or covered under a government health insurance plan.

22. Covered expenses that exceed 80% of those we would normally pay if you do not contact the Assistance Centre within 24 hours of hospitalization unless your medical condition makes it impossible for you to call. If your medical condition makes it medically impossible for you to call, someone must call on your behalf.

23. Your failure to follow a recommended or prescribed therapy or treatment.

24. Any expenses arising from any sickness, disease, symptom or injury that presented, recurred or was treated during any suspension of coverage during a Side-Trip Outside of Canada.

Note: Each time you purchase another policy from us, each new policy will have a new effective date even if you are continuing the same visit to Canada (or other country covered under the Side-Trips Outside of Canada provision).


Click here for the policy Wording Policy Wording 

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