Insure In Canada

Basic Benefits

Covid-19 coverage
Ambulance Services / Transportation
Emergency Hospitalization
Up to Coverage Amount
Services of a Physician, Surgeon, etc.
Up to Coverage Amount
Emergency Medical Care
Up to Coverage Amount
Walk-in Clinic Visits
Follow Up Treatment
Up to 1 Visit (With in 14 days)
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray
Prescription Medications
30 day Supply
Dental Pain Relief
Max $500
Emergency Dental Repair
Max $3,000
24-hour Emergency Assistance Center
Emergency Home Return / Evacuation
Repatriation of Remains
Max $10,000 Combined with Repatriation of Remains
Cremation / Burial
Max $10,000 Combined with Repatriation of Remains
Stable Pre-existing Medical Conditions Coverage
Included, if Selected
Private Duty Nurse / Medical Attendant
Max $1,000
Rental / Purchase of Medical Appliances
Side-Trips Benefit (with in Canada and outside of Canada)

Enhanced Benefits

Emergency Services of Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, or Podiatrist
Max $500/Category
Accidental Death
Available with Extra Cost
Double Dismembernent
Available with Extra Cost
Single Dismembernent
Available with Extra Cost
Bedside Companion Accommodation / Transportation
$150/ Day (Max 10 days)
Meals and Accommodation / Hospital Allowance / Out-of-pocket Expenses
$150 Per Day (Max 10 days)
Maternity Benefits / Delivery Coverage
Pregnancy Complications Coverage
Physical Examination (Non-emergency)
Eye Examination (Non-emergency)
Vaccines (Non-emergency)
Child Care / Escort Expenses
Psychiatric / Psychological
Return of a Vehicle
Max $1,000
Sports Injuries Coverage
Not for Hazardous Sports
Flight / Travel Accident
Trip-Break Benefit

You may apply for and purchase this coverage on behalf of a family member not more than 365 days before the Policy Date. The insured person’s eligibility is based on all of the following statements being correct. We will void this coverage, and no benefits will be payable if any of these statements are false.

1. You have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness for which you are expected to have less than 6 months to live

2. You are not travelling against the advice of a physician.

3. You do not have a kidney condition requiring dialysis.

4. You have not used home oxygen during the 12 months before the date of application.

5. You have not been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or any other form of dementia.

6. You have not been diagnosed with or received treatment for congestive heart failure.

7. You have not been prescribed or taken Furosemide for any reason in the last 12 months.

8. You have not been prescribed or taken insulin to control your diabetes in the last 12 months.

9. You have never had an organ transplant (heart, kidney, liver, or lung).

10. You have not experienced any new or undiagnosed symptoms and/or know of any reason to seek medical attention.

11. You are not eligible for benefits under any Canadian government health insurance plan.

For more information, please review the Policy Wording.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE In the event of an Emergency, call Starr Canada Assistance immediately at 1-833-516-3322 (toll-free), or 519-945-0015 (collect) before receiving Medical Treatment.

Starr Canada Assistance answers your questions twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

1. Emergency Call Centre – no matter where you are, professional multilingual assistance personnel are ready to take your call. Please consult your insurance card for emergency numbers.

2. Benefits Information – Explanation of your policy is available to you and the medical providers who treat you.

3. Case Management – Our experienced and professional team, available twenty-four (24) hours a day, will monitor the services provided in the event of an emergency.

4. Interpretation Service – We can connect you to a foreign language interpreter when required for emergency services.

5. Direct Billing – Whenever possible, we will request the hospital or clinic to directly bill Starr Canada Assistance.

6. Claims Information – we will answer any questions you have about your claim's eligibility, our standard procedure and the way that your policy benefits are administered.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please read your Policy carefully as soon as you receive it. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return it to us within ten (10) days, and we will refund your premium, provided that you have not made a claim. A pre-existing exclusion applies to Medical Conditions and symptoms that existed before your Trip. In the event of an accident, Injury or Sickness, your prior medical history may be reviewed when a claim is reported. This policy contains clauses that may limit the amounts payable. This Policy contains a provision removing or restricting the insured's right to designate persons to whom or for whose benefit insurance money is to be payable. You may apply for and purchase this coverage on behalf of a family member not more than 365 days before the Effective Date. However, we will review the insured person’s prior medical history in the event of a claim. If any of the insurance application questions have been answered incorrectly, we may void this coverage, and no benefits will be payable. This Policy cannot be renewed and is not a renewal of another policy. If you wish to continue your coverage after this Policy terminates, you must apply for a new policy. For the Insurance Companies Act (Canada), this policy was issued in Starr Insurance & Reinsurance Limited’s insurance business in Canada.

Click here for the Policy Wording 

(a) Premium Refunds The following fees will be deducted from any eligible refund if you cancel your policy for any of the reasons stated.

(i) Denial of travel visa before the Effective Date No Fee

(ii) Any reason before departure other than (i) $250.00

(iii) Before expiry to return to Country of Residence $ 50.00

(iv) Before expiry and remaining in Canada $250.00

(b) Date Changes A fee of $50.00 may be applied to any requests for a change of dates, other than a policy extension.

For more information, please review the policy Policy Wording.


5.1 Conditions Your coverage is subject to the following conditions:

(a) All benefits are in Canadian dollars.

(b) Where not specified, airfares are one-way and economy class.

(c) The benefits payable under Section 3 and Section 4 are subject to the Deductible.

(d) All benefits under this coverage are more than similar insurance benefits payable by another insurer. If you are eligible under more than one (1) insurance plan for benefits similar to the benefits for which you are insured under this Policy, the total amount paid to you from all sources cannot exceed the actual expenses you incur.

(e) If we pay your health care provider or reimburse you for covered expenses, we will seek reimbursement from any other medical insurance or reimbursement plan under which you may have coverage.

(f) If you have any claim or right of action against any third party for expenses or covered losses for which we have paid any benefits under this Policy, you shall assign and transfer such claim or right of action to us if we so request. You shall cooperate with us fully in any such claim or right of action, including allowing us to bring an action in your name against the third party.

(g) If we have paid any amounts on your behalf under this Policy and you are found to be ineligible for coverage, or a claim is found to be invalid, or the terms of this Policy reduce the number of your benefits, we have the right to collect from you any amount we have paid on your behalf to any other parties.

(h) We must approve in advance any surgery or invasive procedure before you undergoing such a procedure.

(i) During an Emergency (whether before admission or during a covered Hospitalization), we reserve the right to:

(i) transfer you to one (1) of our preferred health care providers; and/or

(ii) return you to your Country of Residence for the Medical Treatment of your Sickness or Injury. If you decline the transfer or return when our Medical Director declares you are medically able to travel, we will be released from any liability for expenses incurred for such Sickness or Injury after the proposed date of transfer or return.

(j) We are not responsible for the availability, quality or results of any Medical Treatment or transportation or your failure to obtain Medical Treatment.

(k) Subject to section 3.6, once you are deemed medically able to return to your Country of Residence either in the opinion of our Medical Director or because you have been discharged from hospital, your medical Emergency is considered to have ended, whereupon you will no longer be eligible for coverage under this Policy for any further Medical Treatment related to your Emergency.

Limitations and Exclusions

We will not pay for any expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of:

(a) A Sickness that manifests or exists during the Waiting Period even if related expenses are incurred after the Waiting Period.

(b) Sickness, death or injury resulting from the abuse of medication, drugs, alcohol or any other toxic substance during your Trip. Alcohol abuse includes having a blood alcohol level over eighty (80) milligrams of alcohol per one hundred (100) millilitres of blood. Drug abuse includes, but is not limited to, having a THC level over two (2) nanograms of THC per one (1) millilitre of blood.

(c) A Sickness, Injury or related condition during a Trip undertaken:

(i) with the knowledge that you will require or seek Medical Treatment for that Sickness, Injury or related condition; or

(ii) to obtain Medical Treatment.

(d) A Sickness, Injury or related condition for which:

(i) future investigation or Medical Treatment (except routine monitoring) is planned before your trip; or

(ii) it was reasonable to expect Medical Treatment or Hospitalization during your Trip.

(e) Any condition for which you had symptoms before your Departure Date that would have caused a prudent person to seek diagnosis or Medical Treatment, or recurrence or complication of any Medical Condition following Medical Treatment during your Trip where we recommended that you return to your Country of Residence and you declined to do so.

(f) Your routine prenatal care or childbirth at any time during your Trip, or complications, conditions or symptoms of pregnancy during the nine (9) weeks before or after the expected delivery date.

(g) Death or Injury sustained: (i) while performing as a pilot or crew member of any aircraft; (ii) while participating in any maneuvers or training exercises of the armed forces; or (iii) during your professional participation in any sport or your participation in any motorized or mechanically assisted speed contests.

(h) Medical Treatment or Emergency medical benefits in your Country of Residence.

(i) Medical Treatment, medication, services or supplies that are not Medically Necessary or that you elect to have provided outside your Country of Residence when medical evidence indicates that you could return to your Country of Residence to receive such treatment.

(j) Medical Treatment that is non-emergent or could reasonably be delayed until your return to your Country of Residence.

(k) Medical Treatment received in unlicensed facilities or given by unlicensed health care providers, or given by your Immediate Family Member or Travel Companion.

(l) The replacement cost of an existing Prescription Drug, whether because of loss, renewal or inadequate supply, or the purchase of drugs and medications (including vitamins) which are commonly available without a prescription or are not legally registered and approved in Canada.

(m) Cardiac catheterization, angioplasty and/or cardiovascular surgery, including any associated diagnostic test(s) or charges unless approved in advance by us before being performed, except in extreme circumstances where such surgery is performed as a medical Emergency immediately upon admission to Hospital.

(n) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms, ultrasounds or biopsies unless approved in advance by us.

(o) Services in connection with alternative Medical Treatments or general health examinations, regular care of a chronic condition, the continuing care and/or Medical Treatment of an acute Sickness or Injury after the initial medical Emergency has ended (as determined by our Medical Director) or a medical consultation where the Physician observes no change in a previously noted condition, symptom or problem.

(p) Medical care or surgery is cosmetic in nature.

(q) Cataract surgery or services provided by a naturopath or an optometrist or in a convalescent home, nursing home, rehabilitation centre or health spa.

(r) Your participation in High-Risk Activities;

(s) Air ambulance services unless approved in advance and arranged by us.

(t) Injury resulting from air travel, unless you are a passenger in a commercial aircraft with a seating capacity of six (6) people or more that are licensed to carry passengers for hire.

(u) Upgrade charges or cancellation penalties for airline tickets, unless approved in advance by us.

(v) Damage to or loss of sunglasses (non-prescription), contact lenses, or prosthetic teeth or limbs, and resulting prescriptions therefor.

(w) Noncompliance with prescribed Medical Treatment or therapy.

(x) Suicide (including any attempt thereat) or self-inflicted Injury.

(y) Commission or attempted commission of a criminal, criminal-like, illegal or negligent act by you.

(z) Expenses for which no charge would normally be made in the absence of insurance.

(aa) Any Act of War.

5.3 Misrepresentation or Fraud

This Policy is void in the case of fraud or attempted fraud by you or if you conceal or misrepresent any material fact concerning this insurance.

5.4 Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions

We will not pay for any expenses relating to a Pre-existing Condition

For more information, please review the Policy Wording


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