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Avoid these Mistakes for Supervisa Insurance

1. Trying to save a few dollars when searching for Supervisa insurance:- Don’t try to buy the cheapest insurance. Review the plan details, read the policy carefully or discuss any pre-existing medical conditions before you make the purchase.
2. Changes in health: Whenever you buy Supervisa insurance for a new application, you always go with an attentive date and the actual arrival date could vary between 8 to 52 weeks. It’s quite possible the health status may change during this period. If your parents or grandparents have any changes in health or continue medication, please discuss this with us and make the necessary changes to Policy.
3. Taking a higher deductible: Deductible options are great but sometimes we take higher deductible to save the upfront cost, however, in many cases deductible options are not the right choice. Few visits to walk-in clinics cost more than the savings you make upfront.
4. Dental coverage: Most of the Supervisa insurance plan comes with limitations when it comes to dental coverage or even some companies don’t offer dental pain coverage at all. The dental cost is very high in Canada. Ask parents to have dental checkups from the country of origin or pick the right plan.
5. Ignoring the pre-existing medical conditions : Most parents and grandparents are above the age of 60 and it’s highly possible they take some sort of medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, a blood thinner or arthritis pain. In some cases it’s possible that parents and grandparents may not even take any medication, however, they are controlling the medical condition with diet and exercise. You still need to find a plan with pre-existing medical conditions and choose the comprehensive plan.
6. Trying to use Supervisa insurance for regular Medical check-up: All the medical insurances are for emergency medical assistant not for routine medical checkup. I have noticed many people try to utilize the insurance for regular Medical check-up and end up paying an unnecessary cost from their pocket.
7. Thinking if we put a claim, the next renewal premium will go up : We get least 10 calls every week to enquire after a claim what would be the premium upon renewal. The claims don’t affect the premium at all. As long as you meet the pre-existing medical stability clause, the premium would be the same as long as you don’t go to the next age band. Usually, the age band changes every 5 years after the age of 60. For example, age 60-64 would be the same premium (one age band), age 65-69 would be the same premium and so on.
8. Knowing the correct age : Many people take an estimated age when asking for a quote and then plan expenses accordingly. Knowing the actual date of birth is very important. Whenever you use our “Get a Quote” calculator, please enter the date of birth to get the exact and most accurate quote.
9. Claiming small amount to the policy: Sometimes Parents get Supervisa and they visit for a short period. The visit could be as short as 10 days to 6 months according to Supervisa requirements. People take full-year insurance and pay premium upfront, upon early return they try to take a refund for the remaining time. If you put any small claims to the insurance policy, you are not entitled to get any refund. If you know your parents are coming on Supervisa and their stay in Canada would be less than 6 months consider a deductible to save money upfront and save your refund for the remaining time.
10. Supervisa Monthly plan for short visits: A few companies offer Monthly payment options for Supervisa insurance although it is becoming a very popular option. All the monthly plans require a $50 set up fee. The setup fee could be for individuals or for couples. If a company charges a setup fee for an individual that means you end up paying $100 set up fee for parents. All the companies require 2 months premium and set up fee in advance to issue you the policy confirmation copy. Since very few companies offer Supervisa insurance Monthly plans, those plans could cost you up to $500 extra annually. Do your calculation before choosing the plan.