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New Immigrants Insurance

What type of policy do you want?

Single Policy Couple Policy Family Policy

The most difficult task is to get adjust at new place and new country. In new country the facing problem is medical emergency especially in Canada. While coming to Canada you need to consider many things. As in some provinces of Canada you can’t take benefit of health plans at the first day of arrival like in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Over here you need to wait at least for 3 months to get the benefits of provincial health plans. In the time being you are suppose to take any private health plan.

While moving to Canada you need to check the health facilities in the province you are moving.

Side trips

In some of provincial health plans you are eligible for side trips as well like to other countries except from your home country or country of origin. This is one of the major benefits of it. The main benefit of the health plan is to protect the new immigrants from financial losses occur due to medical emergency.

Why you need it?

Now this question arises that why we need it. We all know that medical services in Canada are expenses worldwide. It is not easy to bear the cost of medical emergencies without having any medical health plan or insurance. While moving to Canada you need to take care of two major things. First is to check whether you or your family members are protected under health insurance plan or not? Secondly you need to buy the provincial health plan otherwise you won’t be able to get the benefits of provincial health insurance plan.

In Canada even young child and babies also need health insurance plan. To make you vacations worry free and secure you need to take immigrant health insurance plan. It helps to reduce the financially and mentally burden. As we know in some provinces you get the health plan after three months and if meanwhile any emergency occurs then you can get out of pocket easily. So it is advisable to take health insurance plan.

How to choose a plan?

You can choose plan very easily and get free quotes. To compare the quotes others you do not need to jump from one site to other site. Over here you can get the quotes of others website as well and can make comparison easily. Accordingly you can choose the best suited plan from selected company.

  • You need to choose the type of policy like single coverage, family policy and couple policy. You can choose it according to the number of persons who are visiting to Canada. If you are shifting with your family then family policy is suitable for you.
  • After that you need to choose the date of birth the person who is visiting.
  • Then you need to fill the date on which you are going there and that date of coming back. It gives the idea of number of days you will stay over there and accordingly reflects the best suited plan.
  • After that you need to select the amount of required coverage according to your stay.
  • In last you will get the option to cover pre existing medical conditions. It is your choice whether you want to cover pre existing medical conditions or not. It includes diabetes and hypertension.

Identification proof

To get the immigrant health insurance plan all you need is valid document of identification proof like permanent resident card and passport. After applying every member of family gets health card along with personal identification number. This card is mandate for you to carry to hospital while visiting. Sometimes you need to pay deductibles till the time your plan did not get started.

Every year number of immigrants is coming to Canada. Canada has the higher number of immigrants. So while keeping in mind the safety of immigrants this plan has been introduced. Insure in Canada is well known for best new immigrant insurance plans. We ensure the safety of our clients and give the full transparency of plan benefits. Now you don’t need to cancel your visit to Canada due to fear of medical emergencies. You all are welcome to Canada with our suitable immigrant health plans.