How to Choose Life Insurance Policy?

Congratulations! You’ve come to look for life insurance. Life Insurance is a vital asset to obtain. Sometimes choosing life insurance can be challenging. Feel free to use our life insurance calculator to run a quote for you. Should you need, any assistance finding the right plans or would like to know more about the plans, feel free to call Pankaj Bhatia at 647-640-2222.
Pankaj Bhatia can help you understand the plans in the simplest way and will work with you to find a tailor-made plan as per your need.

Life Insurance in Canada

If you’re looking for a Professional Financial Advisor for insurance and investments who will not only help you find the best product today but who will also be there for you in upcoming years, you can count on Me. I am a broker with almost all major life insurance companies. It will be my pleasure to work with you to find and tailor the right product as per your needs. Companies I work with on Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance are:

· Industrial Alliance IA

· Canada Life

· Canada Protection Plan

· Empire Life

· Humania


· Manulife


. Equitable life


· Sun Life

· UV Insurance

· Desjardins

Life Insurance Areas


Term Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance


Term to 100 Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

What is Term Insurance? 

Term plans are the most common and affordable Life Insurance plans. In most Term Insurance, the death benefits and premium remain the same for a specific time known as the term period. After the Term expires, the monthly insurance premiums increase, and sometimes it becomes unaffordable. Common term plans are Term 10, Term 20, Term 30 and Term 40. 

Who is needs Term Insurance? 

If you cannot afford to buy a permanent life insurance policy right now, you should purchase term life insurance and have coverage for the loved ones in premature death. The Term is often the cheapest and best option for young and growing families who want to ensure their loved ones don’t face financial hardship on their unforeseen depart. Term insurance also can be a good option for those who have debts they are responsible for, like a credit card, mortgage, or credits line.

Whole Life Insurance

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

I think it’s an easy guess for anybody; whole Life insurance means Whole Life coverage. The whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance product that provides coverage to a policyholder’s entire life. Whole Life Insurance premiums can be paid in 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, till age 65 or till age 100, and the best part is the premium remain level throughout the payout period you will select.

Whole Life Insurance has cash surrender values, so you can withdraw these built-up cash surrender values if you need to cancel the policy. Funds can also borrow against these cash values, but any amount not repaid upon death reduces the insurance payout. 

Who needs Whole Life Insurance? 

Whole Life Insurance is for those who want permanent protection for Tax growing liabilities but with the option of having cash surrender values. You can have access to cash surrender values if you decide to cancel the policy. A cash Surrender value may subject to income tax.

You can also use the whole life cash value as collateral for a loan. 

Term to 100 Life Insurance

What is Term to 100 life Insurance?

Term 100 is the cheapest way to own a Life permanent life insurance. The premium and death benefit will remain the same until the insured person dies or till age 100. if the inured surpass age 100, the premium will stop, and the coverage will continue until the insured dies. Compare to other permanent life insurance products, Term to 100 has no Cash surrender values. It’s basic permanent life insurance without any fancy cash surrender values add ons. 

Who is needs Term to 100 Insurance? 

Term to 100 would be the best option for those who need affordable permanent life insurance. The Term to 100 life insurance would be ideal for funeral expenses or estate taxes. 

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