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Can I cancel my Supervisa insurance once the Superivsa is granted?

When someone buys Supervisa insurance, I often ask: Can I cancel my Supervisa insurance once the Superivsa is granted?

The answer is yes. After the Supervisa is granted, you can cancel your Supervisa insurance. You may or may not receive a full refund. Supervisa insurance companies may apply penalties up to $250.

Getting Supervisa insurance for your parents and grandparents is essential if you want your parents or grandparents to get a Supervisa. Canadians must cover their parents and grandparents for $100,000 while in Canada.

Again, the short and sweet answer to this is your financial protection. Medical costs are not affordable in Canada if you think you will pay from your pocket. Every Canadian lives a higher standard of living here, and these lives are expensive. Canadians spend a lot of monthly expenses from their paycheque to maintain their standard of living. Mortgage, Car insurance, Home insurance, Car payments, Internet bill, phone bills, and property taxes are the main expenses. There was barely anything left to save after paying these. Every Canadian saves $100,000 or more throughout a lifetime. Your savings can be wiped out by one medical bill, and your lifestyle will be adversely affected. Protect your parents with Supervisa insurance if you want them to be able to support you emotionally and morally, as suggested by Canadian Immigration. It's for your financial safety.

If you cannot afford your parents' emergency medical insurance, known as Superivsa insurance, you shouldn't invite them here on Supervisa. Your one wrong decision will have a massive impact on your family's lifestyle.

Supervisa insurance costs anywhere from $950 to $4000. The premium is determined by the age and condition of the insured. There are monthly plans available. Monthly payment plans are available from many providers.

A deductible might be a better option to save on premiums. Choose a deductible of up to $1000; most providers offer a discount of 20% with a $1000 deductible. Having a $1000 deductible gives you a decent discount, and in case of a claim, you pay from your pocket. When you choose the $1000 deductible for your parent, you will receive $1000 off the premium if your parent is 70 years or older.

Insure in Canada works with all major Canadian insurance companies. You can get instant quotes by using our online calculator. A list of quotes will be presented from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can see the monthly premium at the bottom of the annual premium, which indicates the company offers monthly payment plans. Comparing the benefit summaries of each company will give you the chance to choose the most suitable plan for your parents.

The majority of Supervisa insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart conditions, Clastroel, Thyroid, and Arthritis. As long as the conditions are stable for the last 90-180 days, all those mentioned above will be covered. We can tell you the stability period for pre-existing conditions based on the policy wording or by calling our experienced insurance advisor.