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How COVID 19 impacts Canadian tourism?

Canadian Summers are known for the best tourism time for Visitors to Canada. People around the globe visit Canada during the Canadian summer months. Most of them come to Canada to enjoy the multiculturalism, enjoy the traditional food for different communities and the amazing provincial parks.
This summer the pandemic had different plans for the whole world. Most of us are stuck in our homes with limited outdoor activities.
Many visitors from different countries visit Canada and/or Canadians invite their parents on Supervisa or relatives on Visitor Visa. Immigration stopped processing files for new Visitors to Canada and international travel banned at the moment. Canadians and PR’s are missing their loved ones and the airline industry is struggling for survival.

Once the pandemic calms down all Canadians are going to invite and apply for temporary resident visas for their parents, grandparents and relatives and you can expect the backlog to Canadian immigration and expensive airfare.
If you are planning to invite your parents and grandparents, you should have all the basic formalities ready to submit.
Emergency medical insurance is one of the basic components for Supervisa application, and Insure In Canada is your go-to website to find the best policy for you.