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Super visa insurance Canada visa

“Insure in Canada" is with you in helping your parents or grandparents to move or visit Canada for a longer period with a super visa. We provide an amazing opportunity for both parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens who seeking their loved ones to Canada. To get a super visa to Canada it’s essential to have valid super visa insurance Canada visa. Such medical insurance can be purchased for a maximum of one year. In the super visa insurance Canada visa process, we are here to support and give proper assistance accordingly. It’s the right way to move to Canada for a longer time.

What is a Super visa?

A valid super visa is one that allows moving to Canada for a longer time. Although, it’s a stunning opportunity to meet our loved ones in Canada. To get the Canadian super visa an applicant must also have to fulfil all the requirements mentioned by them.

Eligibility to get Super visa insurance Canada visa

An applicant can be eligible for a super visa when they fulfil all the requirements:
  • Medical insurance must be issued by Canadian Insurance firm Canadian Insurance firm
  • It must be valid for up to one year from the date of entry
  • An applicant must be the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen
  • An applicant must have a letter of invitation from the children or grandchildren who has a stay in Canada

Having Super visa insurance is one of the mandatory requirements that an applicant must fulfil while applying for a super visa in Canada. An applicant must have a minimum of one lakh Canadian dollars coverage for super visa insurance

The following are the requirement for medical insurance for a super visa:

  • First, an applicant must have one lakh Canadian for medical coverage
  • Secondly, must be valid for at least one year from the date of entry
  • Lastly, an applicant must have proof that the medical insurance is fully paid.

Coverage in the medical insurance:

  • Hospital care
  • Medical Care
  • Practitioners
  • X-ray
  • Emergency dental treatment and many more

So, if you are still confused about where or which company to choose to get your super visa medical insurance, then get in touch with our consultants and grab all the information in detail.

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