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Super visa insurance Toronto

Super visa insurance Toronto -Most visitors want a long stay in Canada with their children and grandchildren. Super visa insurance is a way where you can re-join your family. Super visa insurance is another factor to obtain a Super visa insurance. It is an opportunity where you can get a chance to stay in Toronto, Canada for a longer period of time with your children or grandchildren. Although, having sufficient or valid travel insurance is a legal document for all super visa applicants. To get a super visa, it is mandatory to fulfil all the requirements as per the Canadian rule for this we can also, support you in this journey with true guidance. In short, it is a way to re-join your family in Canada.

Who may apply for the super visa insurance in Toronto:

The parents or grandparents of their children and grandchildren who have citizenship in Canada can apply for the super visa insurance in Toronto.

How can apply for super visa insurance:

To apply for the super visa insurance, an applicant must need to submit the following documents to the visa office as per the requirement:

  • Firstly, A letter of invitation from the children or grandchildren who are settled in Canada.
  • Secondly, Legal proofs which assures that an applicant has a relationship with the person who has a permanent resident in Toronto, Canada
  • Then, any document which proves that your child or grandchild meets the minimum LOIC (Low-income cut-off).
  • Lastly, one of the essential documents is medical insurance from the Canadian insurance company. It must be valid for 1 year.

Documents that an applicant needed:

An applicant must be careful with the documents. Here are the essential documents that are required:

  • Application form for super visa.
  • Purpose of visiting.
  • Invitation letter from the children who had a permanent residence in Canada.
  • Evidence of the income statement,.
  • Medical exam from the Canadian company,.
  • Date of leave: which ensure the applicant must go back to their nation after visiting.

Super visa insurance covers:

Super visa insurance is a required document that must be needed at the time of applying. It must be valid for 1 year, has emergency coverage of one lakh Canadian Dollars, and also have proof that medical has been fully paid. Some of the benefits below

  • Emergency cost
  • Ambulance services
  • Prescription Medication
  • Diagnostics, lab tests, and X-rays
  • Dental emergency coverage
  • Return of deceased
  • Follow-up treatment and many more

How much does it cost?

The cost of super visa insurance varies and it depends upon various factors like the age of the applicant, the applicant’s health history, deductible amount, length of the policy, coverage amount, as well as many others.At Insure in Canada, we are here to guide you and give full support regarding super visa insurance at any time, with great experience as well as knowledge that can help you in your journey.

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