Canadian immigration doesn't accept monthly Payment plans for Supervisa Applications LEARN MORE

The visitor medical insurance plan is as necessary for a visit to Canada as your flight ticket!

Non-Canadian residents or permanent residents are not insured by health insurance while visiting Canada. Visitors can end up paying high fees if an unexpected illness or accident occurs during the trip.

Insure In Canada strives to ensure that you don’t face burdensome out-of-pocket expenses. As part of the Super Visa application process, it is required to obtain emergency Medical Insurance; otherwise, it is commonly known as Supervisa Insurance. Our coverage is affordable and flexible, protecting you against unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation, etc.

At Insure In Canada, we provide coverage covering side trips outside Canada and can cater to trip interruptions.

 Why Choose Insure In Canada?

  • An independent, family-run business focused on the needs of clients, not profits.
  • High coverage from $10,000 to $1,000,000
  • There may be optional deductibles on emergency medical expenses.
  • You may choose your coverage via us, and our insurance provider deals directly with the hospital to arrange payment. You’ll also have the option to select deductibles on emergency medical care.
  • We are one of the few Canadian agencies that fulfill the requirements of Canada’s SuperVisa.
  • Visitors Medical Insurance plans are permitted to accompany visitors outside of Canada.
  • Our insurance provider provides 24/7 assistance with your travel plans.

You must purchase the Visitor Medical Insurance before you arrive in Canada. An exception does not apply to Super Visa Insurance. But for a visitor visa, you can buy them any time. We may provide you with more information when you can claim if you are purchasing the insurance once you arrive in Canada. Our new website with advanced features helps you find the best and cheap plans for your visitors and Supervisa holders. You can use our get quote calculator to get instant quotes from all Canadian insurance companies. Select a few companies and compare their plan benefit summary before making a selection. Most of the companies covered Covid -19 as well. Coverage for Pre-existing medical conditions is also available.

Contact us today for a no-obligation-free quote to decide which coverage is suitable for your needs.