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Super Visa Insurance

Most of the Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents invite their parents and grandparents to visit or live in Canada under the Super Visa or Permanent Residency program. Super Visa program which requires all applicants to have a proper medical emergency insurance policy.

All immigrants and Canadian citizens seek some help to raise the family or would like to spend quality time together in Canada. If you want your family members to be next to you until they receive residency confirmation from Canadian immigration, you can invite your parents and grandparents on the Program called Super Visa.

Super Visa program is designed for all immigrants and citizens to have their parents next to them to share success and joy. It’s effortless to apply for your parents and grandparents under the Super Visa program. It’s simple, secure and fast. All applicants need emergency medical insurance from Canadian insurance providers. At Insure In Canada, we can help find the best and most affordable plan for you.

Our strength to deal with all significant insurance providers gives you all the benefits you may require. Let us work for you, just in a few clicks we will find quotes from all major insurance providers and display the quotes for you.

What is Super Visa Insurance, and why it's important?

What are Super Visa Insurance Requirements?

For the Super Visa application, one of the essential requirements is emergency medical insurance from the private Canadian insurance provider, and this insurance needs to be purchased before the application is submitted to Canadian immigration for approval.

Keep the following in mind before buying Supervisa Insurance:

– Buy from a Canadian insurance provider for all new applications or anytime you are coming to Canada as Supervisa holder

– Minimum CAD 100,000 coverage

-Coverage for Emergency medical, Hospitalization and Repatriation

-1-year validity for each entry and have it available for immigration officer at the point of entry in Canada

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payments

Once you have decided the Super Visa Insurance program that is for you and your parents or grandparents, and Super Visa Insurance cost looks too high, you can take Super Visa Insurance for the whole year and pay monthly. The Canadian immigration system approves these monthly plans.  Few insurance providers understand the Canadian finances really well and take a proactive approach and design the Super Visa Insurance annual and monthly payments. Run a quote and find out who is providing the best suitable plan as per your need.

How to calculate Supervisa insurance cost and apply

1. Enter the essential information to our rate calculator

2. Select the quote and review plan details

3. Click on the Buy Directly button

4. Enter the necessary information and receive a confirmation via email.

What does Super Visa Insurance cover ?

Super Visa Insurance is emergency medical insurance for the Super Visa holders/Visitors to Canada. All the Super Visa Insurance providers try to cover the emergency medical cost upto the  policy limits, however, a few providers have some limitations. We, at Insure In Canada did our best to compile the benefit summary for you. Please read the plan benefits summary for each company

Summary of the benefits

– Hospital cost related to the emergency

– physician services cost

– Surgeries cost

– Ambulance service

– Emergency Dental Repair

– Prescription Medication

– X-ray and Laboratory Diagnostic

– Repatriation

– Follow up Treatment – Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Few companies provide 1 medical checkup, Eye exam checkup and Vaccine during the stay in Canada.

Please read policy wording of your Super Visa Insurance provider.