ELIGIBILITY: The coverage is available for Foreign Workers or Landed Immigrants, age 69 and under and their families. A dependent child(ren) up to age 18 or up to 25 years of age if attending an educational institution full time or a daily registered student.

  - 72 hours if the insurance is purchased within 30 days AFTER your arrival in Canada
  - No waiting period if the insurance is purchased BEFORE your arrival in Canada.

Trips to the United States are covered if the departure and return points are Canada. Trips to the United State have to be shorter than your stay in Canada.

All claims should be reported to Blue Cross in writing within 30 days of acquiring and all original documents have to be transmitted to the insurance company within 90 days.

Failure of the covered person to communicate with CanAssistance in the event of medical consultation or hospitalization following an accident or sudden illness could result in refusal of compensation requested. 

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